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It all started with a long night in Mexico…. The Winchester boys had finally found it! Something that could kill Lucifer without saying yes to Michael, but when was it ever that easy for Sam and Dean? Balthazar spat out the address to the object of their desire, the spear of Destiny. Yes, the same spear that pierced the body of Christ, and eventually killed him. Things were starting to look up for those boys, or were they?

Michael knew everything. He knew of their plan to take the spear of Destiny with a little, angelic help. Castiel was always a faithful angel, especially to Sam and Dean. The boys knew letting Cas go alone to retrieve the spear would be a decision they regretted. They’d later learn Cas regretted it to.

Upon reaching the location of the spear, Michael rammed the object into Cas’ ribcage. Jimmy Novak was no more, and like any killed angel, Cas was sent to limbo. What Cas didn’t know? God was there. He hadn’t abandoned them after all. For that? Castiel was relieved, but God wasn’t don’t with the Angel just yet. He gave Cas a choice: Stay in Limbo, useless, or Return to Earth in a body made in his image for the angel, with, minor  side affects and protect Dean Winchester. Cas chose what the faithful angel always had, to protect Dean.

God was a Man of his word, returning Cas to a permanent vessel, where the Angel’s grace became that of a soul. Standing outside the hotel with nothing but a leaf to cover the lower regions of the Angel’s now female body, Cas knocked before collapsing into the arms of her Charge, Dean Winchester.

He’d seen Cas die. He’d seen the limp body of Jimmy Novak. Cas wasn’t the only visitor the Winchester’s had that night. A human Ruby also appeared, having to prove she was in fact human by walking through every devil’s trap laid before her. They’d be in for the shock of their lives when they made it to Sioux Falls. What they didn’t know? John, Mary, Ellen, Jo, and Ash were restored by God as well.

This is Twisted and Changed, where everything you know about Supernatural? Just isn’t the same.

Characters still to be added (and can be auditioned for):
Mary Winchester
John Winchester
Ellen Harvelle
Bobby Singer
Meg Masters


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We still need some players! Most of all Michael and Adam! Every SPN-character is possible! You can also play two characters!

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